Golfavisen therefore wants to give the public as much information as possible about what is happening within the sport. We will do this in several different ways.


An incredible number of golf tournaments are organized worldwide. Here you can follow the great heroes as they fight to run away with the victory. Internationally, golf is a very big sport and there are therefore an incredible number of people fighting to be the best. There are also many golfers in Norway. Therefore, a number of tournaments are organized at different levels that people can participate in. The difference is that everything is much lower than in the international tournaments. Everything automatically becomes smaller and fewer great talents take part in the competitions. Golfavisen will try to follow what happens in most important games. This applies to both the large international competitions and small events in Norway.

Golf profiles

The big stars are very important for the sport to have the status it has today. Therefore, Golfavisen will also use some column space to present the major players in the world. This is done in the form of going in-depth on their achievements throughout their careers while at the same time we try to get an insight into the person behind them. There are basic qualities that are crucial to becoming good at golf, and we therefore want to focus on this.

From time to time, other golf news will also appear. There is a lot going on in the sport and it is always exciting to follow developments internationally. Golfavisen hopes to be the most important online magazine with a focus on golf. We want to give Norwegians the most varied and accessible information about the sport we love. Hopefully, Golfavisen can function as a reference point for the environment and contribute positively to the development of the sport of golf in Norway. This is the goal we have every day when we create this product.

The driver

Your attacking game will improve if you have a solid driver and hit a good drive. A reliable driver will place the ball on the fairway in a spot that will be easier to attack the hole. Choose a driver from the three options on offer to help you get the ball off the tee and into the correct position. Your attack will be more effective if the ball lands in a better spot.

The putting

A putter is one of the first easy things to consider when you start filling the 14 empty spaces in your golf bag. When it comes to getting the ball into the hole, the putter comes to the rescue. Hitting tight irons won’t help you much unless you putt. There are generally three putters among the 14 golf clubs, but carrying them is unnecessary. Choose the one that best suits your needs and you’re good to go.

The wedge is number three.
When it comes to choosing golf clubs to hit the course, this is one of the most obvious options. If you miss a green, you must take an extra shot to get it. This is where a wedge comes in handy. You will have a competitive advantage if you can hit close wedge shots. Even the most skilled golfers need a wedge club in their bag.

Ironing board

Irons are important clubs to have in your golf bag, especially if you are a beginner. Irons are used when you drive the golf ball less than 200 yards, and they differ from drivers in that they are used to moving the ball outside of the 200 yard range. As a substitute for Irons, you can use a hybrid. A hybrid is a cross between an iron and a driver, with a wider and thicker head than an iron but smaller than a driver.

Take a firm stand

Your grip on the golf club determines the quality of your stroke, and this applies to all clubs, including irons, wedges, drives and putters. As a result, you should choose clubs with the best grip. In this way, you can be sure that you have control over the golf club and that you hit the golf ball correctly.

The golf course’s environment

The nature and complexity of golf courses varies. No two golf courses are the same, and they differ in slope and barriers. You don’t need to carry so many different golf clubs on the gentle golf courses. Challenging golf courses, however, require a greater number of golf clubs. To cope with the many difficulties on the golf course, you need different golf clubs.

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