Golf Club Beginner’s Guide

Don’t know how to choose the Complete Golf Club Set” Golf Club Beginner’s Guide just for you! Here you will get some tips on what to look out for before choosing your first set of golf clubs.

There are two most important things in golf:

  1. Boxing and the obvious – how to choose and buy the right complete golf club set.
  2. The second is finding a good coach.

When you start learning how to play golf, your coach will definitely recommend that you buy a complete golf set because they are great for beginners. Golf sets are cheaper, so buying golf clubs and golf bags separately can be very expensive and unreasonable.

Golf Club Complete Set includes:

  • Wooden head club
  • Putter and iron plus hybrid stick – a combination of wood and iron.

There should be 14 golf clubs in your bag, make sure you count them correctly. The sets are divided into the following groups: women’s golf club set, women’s golf club set, children’s golf club set, junior golf club set, men’s golf club set, etc. The golf set can also be used with the left or right hand.

Our tips on how to choose the right golf set.

  • How much will you play” Golf Club Beginner’s Guide Tips:

Assess your interests and time for how much you are willing to spend playing golf – weekly, twice a month or once a year. If you have made the decision to play from time to time, the key is to buy not expensive clubs and balls. Professionals say that buying a very expensive first set and the ball is not a good idea. As for the balls, can you imagine how many balls you will never find again when you practice “Buy a more expensive ball once you improve your golf skills?

  • How much do you want to spend” Golf Club Beginner’s Guide Tips:

Decide how much you are prepared to spend. The price range for a complete set can be from hundreds to thousands of dollars, so it would be best to set your budget in advance. Choose wisely. The right thing is not to buy an overpriced set as it can waste your money but if you have enough funds to spend and want to buy all the top clubs, go for it.

New or used club sets to buy” All new ones are great but could cost all your money in your pocket. Used club sets are negotiable but be careful. Before buying, double-check all clubs with great care! If any are missing headgear or worn out handles etc – don’t buy them! Discuss your doubts with the seller. If you are not going to spend a lot of money on your first set of clubs or are unsure of your dedication to golf or might lose the idea of ​​playing golf after a few games, a used club might be a good choice.

Steel or graphite set – which one should you buy” Golf Club Beginner’s Guide Tips:

The basic golf shaft that new golfers should pay attention to is shaft composition. There are two possible variations: steel or graphite and shaft malleability (how much the shaft bends during a swing). Graphite is much lighter and can help generate swing speeds. Steel is more durable and less expensive. Women, juniors or seniors may benefit from graphite shafts with a softer flex. Younger and stronger men may use a regular or stiff shaft, but keep in mind that most professional educators say that many golfers use a shaft that is too stiff.

Another great tip is to ask your friends or colleagues who play golf. You can visit your local golf shop and ask them for recommendations, browse, and compare prices. No matter what type of club you choose, you will choose a golf that is worth the effort.

Another good tip is to buy a training book or DVD. If you are a DVD fan – we highly recommend you to buy “Phil Mickelson: The Secret of the Short Game”. It’s totally worth your dollar. If you want to read the right book – then “Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons: Fundamentals of Modern Golf” would be the right choice.

Male Standard Shaft Length (subtract 1″ for Female Standard Shaft Length)

Club – Long with Steel Shaft – Long with Graphite Shaft

Pengemudi – 43,5″ – 44″

3 kayu – 42,5″ – 43″

5 kayu – 41,5″ – 42″

7 kayu – 40.5″ – 41″

9 kayu – 40.5″ – 41″

1 besi – 39,5″ – 40″

2 besi – 39″ – 39,5″

3 besi – 38,5″ – 39″

4 besi – 38″ – 38,5″

5 besi – 37,5″ – 38″

6 besi – 37″ – 37,5″

7 besi – 36,5″ – 37″

8 besi – 36″ – 36,5″

9 besi – 35,5″ – 36″

PW – 35,5″ – 36″

GW – 35,25″ – 35,75″

SW – 35,25″ – 35,75″

LW – 35,25″ – 35,75″

Check out our guide – Golf Club Beginner’s Guide as well as Women’s Golf Club Set. Still not sure how to choose a golf set? We have a complete selection of golf clubs, visit us now!

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