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When I watch Golf on TV, I know it’s easy to play. I don’t need Golf Swing lessons; or Golf driving lessons. I watch hours of Golf on Television and I consider myself a Golf expert. After all, I know everything there is to know about the game of golf.

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I was already planning my career as a professional golfer. I’ve counted a large amount of Money in the bank; I will make. I envision my Golf career. I could see myself clearly, arms wrapped around the slender waist of a very beautiful blonde girl. I’m teaching him some kind of Golf swing lesson. Yes, I can see everything, I also have a bright future.

Then something hit me really hard which brought me back to reality. I have no income. A good set of Golf Clubs costs a lot of money. Money I don’t have. I called the local Golf Course and asked about their annual membership fee. I went into shock; it cost thousands of dollars, far beyond my financial reach.

I asked about a professional Golf instructor’s fee for a Golf swing lesson; just to see how much it costs. It costs a few hundred dollars for basic lessons. I’m not a happy golfer.

I gathered myself and called a few of my friends who said they would hire me a cheap set of golf clubs. They even offered me to enter the Golf Course for free on their membership.

I emerge on a day full of confidence that grows by the minute. I paid my Australian Golf partner $25.00 for the club. He suggested I take Golf swing lessons first. I’m of the opinion that I don’t need Golf lessons.

We walked to the first tee and I removed the blanket from the club head I had rented. I was confused when I saw the head of the club was on the wrong path? Oh no; I started cursing as it slowly came to my senses. I just fell victim to the oldest Golf trick in the book. I have been tricked into paying for a set of left-handed golf clubs.

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I am very angry and ashamed. My Australian friends burst out laughing; tears of joy ran down their cheeks as they clutched their aching sides and fell to the ground writhing and laughing uncontrollably. I don’t think it’s funny at all. They laughed more and more at my outburst.

I was even more furious when I discovered that I could rent a golf club set at the clubhouse for only $7.00. I have been cheated twice. I’m now $32.00 out of pocket. My friends found this very funny and I became a laughing stock again. I felt stupid and really embarrassed. `

I finally got back to the first tee again. Ready to show these people what I’m made of? I stepped onto the tee and rode that Golf ball with all the Strength I could carry. I watched in dumbfounded silence as the ball cut sharply to the left then began to curl to the right and returned to its origin like a Boomerang.

I heard a comment from somewhere behind me; “The ball is Australia’s football partner; it will come right back to him like a good Boomerang.” This was followed by more hoarse and hysterical laughter and more scathing comments. “I know; you’ve never had a Golf Swing Lesson in your life… you need some Golf lessons.” Laugh louder…

I couldn’t believe what I saw. I can’t figure it out. I am brokenhearted. It doesn’t do that on Television? I’m really down. My whole first day on the Golf course just got worse. I’d rather not talk about it, or think about it. Even today it still has the power to spoil my mood and ruin my whole day. Right now I wished the earth would swallow me up. I also wish I had taken Golf swing lessons to heal my wedge too after that shot.

One thing I know for sure, I need Golf Swing Lessons fast and fast, rather than later. What I learned from all this:

o If any sport looks easy; especially Golf, Experienced Professional in any sport

Can make it look so easy

o Do your research first before you fool yourself?

o Beware of Australian Golfers, they are comedians who like to make fun of new people

o Get basic golf lessons before you decide to become a pro

o Find a quick, easy and effective way to learn about Golf or the sport of your choice

o It is easier to learn from the mistakes of others; from your own shame

Things are a lot different today than when I started. A lot of basic information is available free online. Good golf lessons are more accessible and cost effective. If these Golf swing lessons were available for free and low cost in my time, things would be so much better. I will achieve my goal of becoming a Professional Golfer. Unfortunately that didn’t happen and I became a Tutor instead.