New golfer? These 4 tips make golf more entertaining.

Wear a t-shirt

This small item can mean the difference between having a good time and wanting to leave the golf course. You’re probably not recording a point because you’re new to the game. If so, you are allowed to hit your ball on every stroke from the tee to the green.

With your short irons (left), hit the ball just above the top of the grass, slightly higher for long irons, hybrids and fairway woods (center), and highest for the driver.

Participate in a scramble.

When you’re a beginner, a scramble (where everyone in your group hits a shot, then you pick the best one and play your next shot from there until the ball is holed) is the easiest way to play and keeps you involved with your playing partners. I like this format for beginner golfers because it takes the pressure off the pace of play and makes you feel like you’re part of the group.

Don’t put too much effort into it.

This is a principle I like to explain to new golfers. Stop practicing a technique you’ve recently mastered on the course if you’re having trouble. There is no point in letting your friends or family members who may have accompanied you on the field upset you or over train you. Instead, take three balls and a putter and head to the putting green to practice your putting.

Play at a distance of 150 yards

There is no reason to feel compelled to play a full length course when you are a beginner golfer. Instead, on par-4s and par-5s, tee up the ball near the 150-yard marker to get into regular rounds. Play the hole from there for a less intimidating and more enjoyable start to the game.

Golf is a dangerous sport.

Because it has a goal, the dangerous golf game is unique among the games on our list. The goal of this game is to do as much damage as possible over 100 holes in four locations. Make a big mess in the kitchen and then destroy valuable trophies in the palace. Entertaining damage and over the top trick shots are the way to go if you want to score big. There are some properties:

New locations and abilities become available as you go, allowing you to do even more or more damage.
Play World Tour with a friend or family member in co-op mode. This is a great sofa co-op experience. It is a great game for players of all skill levels because both play in the same scene simultaneously. There may be one or more buttons.
Take on and compete against the country’s deadliest golfers. It can be up to eight players.
Through online or offline multiplayer mode, you can play with other players as well as with your family or friends.

The four locations are the United States, England, France and Australia.


Infinite Minigolf is a minigolf game that never ends! There are many different modes to play in Infinite Minigolf, but the core gameplay revolves around hitting the ball into the hole with a limited number of hits.

Of course, many power-ups for fun let you do trick shots and collect score-boosting ornaments along the way. Participate in challenges and tournaments, use arcade-style powerups, and enjoy diverse gameplay, massive graphics, and more. Use the game’s rich toolset to create amazing miniature golf courses, share them with the community, and show off your skills to other players.

Try these and see if you can get the best possible score! Explore the course designer’s tools and let your imagination run wild! With these easy-to-use tools, you’ll be creating and sharing courses with the community in no time.

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