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About Golfavisen

Golfavisen therefore wants to give the public as much information as possible about what is happening within the sport. We will do this in several

Tips to improve your golf game

Golf is one of those games that increases interest every day because it offers individuals a comfortable environment where they can relax while playing and

How to Play Golf in Winter

Put your ego aside and play realistic pars golf. You’re not Rory McIlroy, and one of golf’s top mental instructors has some bad news for

Best Golf Vacation Locations

Golf vacation packages allow you to enjoy a comfortable stay at one of the impressive golf resorts. You can play an exciting sport on a challenging

Golf Balls – Expert Guide

Golf Balls – How small, round, dimpled balls have the power to change your game. In today’s game, golf balls have become super high-tech balls that

Golf Club Beginner’s Guide

Don’t know how to choose the Complete Golf Club Set” Golf Club Beginner’s Guide just for you! Here you will get some tips on what